Scout effort for Fire Station 3
       The first thing is that I want to thank you for running my story in your paper [“Fundraising under way to bring flagpole to Fire Station 3,” in April 28 Westside Pioneer]. Also, I want to thank the people at the Easter Egg Hunt and the Eighth Street Wal-Mart who donated to my fundraiser. We got $41.63 at the Easter Egg Hunt and $140.77 at the Wal-Mart. I'm still quite short, but I'll do my best for the next three to four weeks.
       I hope you would run this email address in the paper, for anyone with questions about my beautification project. I would be happy to send them ideas on the project.
       Again, I want to say THANKS !

William Hamilton

Editor’s note: William Hamilton is a local Boy Scout who, for his Eagle Scout project, has initiated a fundraising drive to bring a flagpole with landscaping to Fire Station 3 at 922 W. Colorado Ave. His e-mail address is beautifystation3@yahoo.com.