Not against bikes, just sharrows
       My input regarding “sharrow lanes” is “Please don't.”
       I live on the Westside and use West Colorado Avenue regularly. It is the main thoroughfare west of I-25 between Uintah and Cheyenne Road. It is heavily traveled, especially during rush hours and on weekends. If there were no usable alternatives I could understand why bicyclists would be so adamant about riding on the avenue, but there are alternatives. Cucharras Street and Pikes Peak Avenue parallel Colorado most of the way from I-25 to Manitou, and Pikes Peak goes through to Manitou. With the exception of one steep grade on Pikes Peak Avenue (not on Cucharras) the rides are easy. There is also the Midland Trail along Highway 24.
       Designating the right lane of Colorado Avenue as a “sharrow lane” is an invitation to back-ups, bottlenecks and bad feelings. Is it legal to ride on West Colorado Avenue? Absolutely. It is also legal to smell up a crowded elevator, but most people don't...

Wes O’Dell