EDITOR’S DESK: A globally lukewarm endorsement

       Have you looked at your election ballot yet? It's this big ol' 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of white paper with one little voting choice in the upper left. That's them, the two remaining candidates for mayor - Steve Bach and Richard Skorman - surrounded on that page by seemingly acres of, well... nothing. And, to try to lasso a thought, nothing is pretty much what we know right now about how either one of these gentlemen will serve our fair city as its first “strong mayor.”
       Oh, we can guess, I suppose. And, if you are solidly in one or the other's camp, you may be doing more than guess. You may be assuming horrible things... Steve Bach, the Developer King, paving city parks to build the world's biggest cookie cutter subdivision while lavishing favors on his wealthy friends... And Richard Skorman, the left-wing madman who would provide gold-plated sleeping bags to transients and tax everyone else based on number of exhales in a year (carbon dioxide is toxic, don't you know?).
       OK, let's hit the pause button. I could hear both of these men debate forever and I still would doubt that either one has all the answers. Frankly, no matter who's in office, it's probably going to take at least a year before all the loopholes and legalities in the strong-mayor charter amendment are sorted out. I opposed the ballot issue last November, and I still fear the inside politics it may lead to. For those who think it will make department heads more sensitive to the public, take a look at the sharrow issue. Do you think a "strong mayor," any strong mayor, would have stepped in on behalf of the Westside? No, because for him it would be a tempest in a teapot. With the additional duties of city manager, he'll have his hands full showing up at dignitary functions and balancing revenues with expenditures.
       So who am I voting for? Bach, and here's why. He signed the no-tax pledge, which tells me he wants to limit spending, and in these times of 100 percent federal debt that's what I want to see in all levels of government. Later, when we're rich again, we can start making the CO2 arrests.

- K.J.