Line break sends water flying in Holland Park

       Water spouted over rooftops on Vondelpark Drive after an 8-inch water line broke below the street shortly after noon May 3. Close-up of the pavement buckling where the water forced its way through the ground from a broken water line on 
Vondelpark Drive May 3.
Katie Queen photo
       The rupture meant that about 50 Vondelpark residents west of Centennial Boulevard in the Holland Park area were without water for several hours and into the night. Colorado Springs Utilities crews were hopeful of restoring service by 10 p.m., according to spokesperson Steve Barry.
       After the break, the street was impassable for about an hour between Centennial and Michener Drive. That was also about the time it took for crews to shut off the water to the area.
       A lot of people were stuck in the road down in the middle of the street, reported Katie Queen, a resident in the Vondelpark neighborhood.
       The break was so spectacular that one of the two neighborhood damage reports involved rocks hitting a house roof after being shot there by the gushing water. Another neighbor reported flooding in his garage, Barry said. A Colorado Springs Utilities worker watches as the water
shoots into the sky, spraying rocks and dirt higher than the
nearby houses. It took close to an hour before Utilities
could shut down the water to the 50 houses affected in the Holland Park-area neighborhood, then crews started reparing the line in hopes of restoring service that 
Katie Queen photo
       The cause of the break was unknown as of May 3. Barry said the line was installed in 1979 about 7 feet below the street. When it broke, the pressure forced the water up through the dirt and pavement, creating a hole and pavement depression at the spot.
       Asked how much water was lost as a result of the break, Barry said he did not know, but noted that Colorado Springs Utilities' annual water loss (including breaks and hydrant leakage) is 8 percent, compared to the national average of 18 percent.

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