If you’re missing sidewalks, don’t miss this meeting

       Westside residents can suggest projects drawing from $160,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money at a membership meeting of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) Thursday, May 10.
       On hand will be Don Sides, who heads up the capital improvement portion of the city's CDBG program in neighborhood strategy areas (NSAs) such as the older Westside (which OWN represents).
       The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Gold Hill Police substation, 955 W. Moreno Ave.
       Sides is also taking requests before the meeting. His phone number is 385-5394.
       The funds can be applied to different sorts of public improvements, but is most commonly used for sidewalks and curb and gutter. Last year's work included sidewalk work along parts of Pikes Peak Avenue and Kiowa Street.
       “I'll compile a list of requests, and we'll take more May 10, then I'll give you (OWN) a recommendation afterward,” Sides told a meeting of the OWN board at its monthly meeting April 26. However, he observed, “If we went through the Westside and picked up all the deteriorating areas, we'd be working a long time.”
       In February, Sides had reported a total of $231,000 available ($81,000 carryover from 2006, plus $150,000 budgeted for '07). However, he reported at the April 26 meeting, he has since scheduled - in response to citizen requests - sidewalk work in additional locations, and that has reduced the carryover from 2006 to $10,000.
       Sides had headed up the Westside NSA CDBG improvements for 10 years before being assigned to manage other city projects in 2004. His old NSA was added back to his duties this year.
       Also on the OWN agenda May 10: a discussion about Neighborhood Watch. According to OWN volunteer Bunny Blaha, a Colorado Springs police officer should be on hand at 8 p.m. to give a presentation and answer questions.

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