Meet a Westsider:
Joyce Lawrence

Profession/Occupation... Im the business manager at Plasco Storage. I was hired by Ted Foltz (the race car driver) who owned it before Roger Nestor.

What I like most about the Westside is... its the quiet part of town and close to the hiking trails. Ive lived here 45 years.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... stop the building in the Golden Cycle Mill and all over the Westside.

A good movie Ive seen recently is... 18 Below, a very interesting and educational movie about Siberian huskies in Alaska.

The worst advice Ive ever gotten was... Follow me, I know a shorter trail to the car. My son talked me into taking a shortcut, which ended up being twice as long. My husband and other son, who stayed on the trail, got there 45 minutes before us.

If I could meet someone famous, Id like to meet... Lance Armstrong hes a survivor of cancer.

The next time I travel, Im going to... San Antonio, Texas, to see our children.

My favorite childhood memory is... my folks taking us on many family trips. East coast, West coast, Old Mexico and Canada. We had a Roll Lite camper/trailer. It was a fold down camper that we could pull behind the station wagon. I remember the trip to the East coast because I helped drive for the first time at age 16.

My favorite spring pastime is... spring cleaning our house. My favorite hobby is making quilts, of which Im working on my 24th.

Something good Ive read is.. Its Not about the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, by Lance Armstrong.

My pet peeve is... people who are dishonest.

If I won the lottery, Id... help our two sons and take the family on a trip to Alaska.

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