Driving blunder excites West Platte
       I was awakened about 1 am. Monday, April 23 by a loud knocking on my door. A police officer informed me that a woman had driven her car through the alley behind my house, apparently thinking my yard was an extension of the alley. She drove over my hilly back yard and stopped just as her front wheel went over a step on the side of my house. It was amazing to see a car just sitting in that small area between my home and the chain link fence along my neighbor's driveway. Had she driven about 6 feet farther, she would likely have seriously damaged her car, possibly turned the car over, and maybe knocked down the deck along the front of my upstairs apartment.
       My next door neighbor, Ellie, had been trying to make sense of what the screaming, possibly drunken driver was saying. Ellie had come running, thinking I was in the yard being attacked! Another neighbor down the street called the police because it sounded like a serious domestic problem.
       I am the block captain for this block (the 3300 block of West Platte Avenue), have lived on the street for almost 20 years and am a diehard fan for the Westside. We are generally a quiet neighborhood, but this was certainly some excitement.

Victoria “Tory” Pearlstein