Project starts at Hwy 24 and 31st

       Construction has started on a $150,000 upgrade to the intersection of Highway 24 and 31st Street.
       Trax Construction will need three to four weeks to finish the project according to Steve Fagan of Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering. The work chiefly involves revamping 31st Street at the intersection to add a second southbound left-turn lane and to line up the north and south lanes so both can go at the same time (instead of one after the another, as it is now).
       Unrelated to future plans for a Westside Highway 24 expansion, the project is being funded as a Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) “small improvement project.” The work is intended to improve safety at the intersection, reduce 31st Street back-ups and provide more green time for highway traffic.
       Other work will include a wider radius for right turns from 31st onto the highway in both directions (in part to handle commercial trucks) and about 100 feet of new sidewalk along 31st Street at the southeast corner of the intersection (there was none before).
       Because of a fairly steep drop down to the intersection, the new sidewalk has been laid out with three switchbacks. This will accommodate wheelchairs at a 1 to 2 percent grade - well within the 5 percent required under ADA standards, Fagan said. He agreed that people not on wheelchairs may cut the switchbacks. “You can't control everybody,” he said.

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