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Letter: State honors for area snub militia that fought Confederates

       It has been announced that a three-mile stretch of Highway 24 west of I-25 will be marked and honored for the regiment of black Buffalo Soldiers, which was formed in 1866 to operate against the Indians.
       Welling Clark also commends that idea. [See the OWN column, posted on the Westside Pioneer website May 2, 2016.]
       The trouble is, there is no evidence that the Buffalo Soldiers ever operated near Old Colorado City or Colorado Springs, or went up Ute Pass.
       What I'd like to see is a marker honoring the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which marched in March 1862 right down Colorado Avenue through the original Colorado City from Denver City in the earliest days of the Civil War, defeated a Texas Confederate Army at Glorieta Pass in northern New Mexico, then marched back and camped out in Colorado City over Christmas 1862 while being outfitted with horses to become the 1st Colorado Cavalry Regiment that then fought the still-marauding Indians.
       It would have been nice had the Legislature bothered to check with the Old Colorado City Historical Society about what happened before the Buffalo Soldiers were organized and the Pioneers Museum and Colorado Springs existed.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 5/3/16; Opinion: Letters)

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