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Homeless shelters city-wide? Narrower traffic lanes? City survey wants to know

One of the six PlanCOS survey "theme" website pages is shown. This is the one under the theme of "Strong Connections." Public responses are being taken at least through May 12.
Courtesy of Colorado Springs Planning
Expanding government's role in Colorado Springs' future - through such options as building homeless shelters city-wide, narrowing traffic lanes to slow driving speeds, requiring art funding, spotlighting the downtown and establishing periphery greenways to limit growth - is a frequent premise in a staff-prepared online planning survey that's available to the public.
       But survey options also allow respondents to counter or moderate such ideas.
       An exact deadline for survey responses has not been established, but could be as early as May 12, according to Carl Schueler of City Planning, who is coordinating the effort known as PlanCOS.
       The website is at coloradosprings.gov/plancos. Text on the site defines the effort as follows:
       “PlanCOS is a two-year process, at the end of which we will have a citizen-created vision and clear plan for the future of Colorado Springs. With citizen input as a paramount value, PlanCOS asks citizens, 'what do you want Colorado Springs to be in 10-20 years?' From new shopping areas, community centers, housing choices, employment, educational opportunities, trails, recreation facilities and redevelopment, to a reinvented downtown, PlanCOS will set the stage for the City's future.”
       Respondents can remain anonymous. After being asked to give their zipcode, they can reply to multiple choice questions - and/or type personal ideas in the “other” box.
       The questions appear within web-page “themes” of Majestic Landscapes, Renowned Culture, Vibrant Neighborhoods, Strong Connections, Unique Urban Places and Thriving Economy. Each has a single page of questions. Respondents can address one or more of the themes.
       Started last summer, the PlanCOS schedule states that spring and summer of this year comprise “Phase Four: Create a Workable Plan,” and that this fall is titled “Phase Five: Strategies and Plans.” Phase Six: Draft and Final Comprehensive Plan” are designated for winter 2017 and spring 2018, the website states.

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(Posted 5/1/17; Politics: City/County)

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