EDITORíS DESK: Manitou comes to the Westside

       Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball once in a while - maybe just to see if we'll whiff on it (like the Colorado Rockies of late) or step back, retool our swing and knock that round thing out of the park.
       There is one nasty breaking ball I know of that is darting, even as we speak, toward home plate for Jim Jackson, Birgitta De Pree and their Manitou Art Theater. Until just recently, they had been bopping along quite nicely at the Business of Arts Center in Manitou Springs, being creative, being funny and though of course they had worries (who doesn't?), at least one of them was not where they might go to put on their next performance.
       A serious Business of Art Center rent increase - the notorious curve ball! - altered that pleasant state of mind. And so it is that we Westsiders now find ourselves with new neighbors who (no offense) would never have set up shop in our humble reaches were it not for that pure necessity known as usable space. I don't even know if they'll let us try to adopt them. Jim joshed about flying a "Manitou flag" over the entrance to their new-place-to-be on Pecan Street. I'm uncertain if there actually is a Manitou flag, but one could assume that anything with tie-dye would probably do the trick. Or maybe fruitcakes?
       But I digress. It definitely won't be easy for the Manitou Art Theater, especially with all the time, money and work that are needed to make the Pecan address a workable location. At the same time, as noted in this week's news article, having their own place gives Jim and Birgitta control over their space they never had at the Business of Art Center. Here comes that curve ball. And maybe, just maybe... going, going gone!

- K.J.