Holland Parkers spiff up open space

       A group of Holland Park neighbors filled 56 bags of litter from the Douglas Creek Open Space during a volunteer clean-up April 26. LEFT: During the Holland Park Community Association clean-up of the Douglas Creek Open Space April 26, three 
volunteers pick up trash in an area of Douglas Creek where flood-uprooted trees are causing the water to back up and spread out of the channel, according to 
association observations.
Westside Pioneer photo
       “That's a lot to pull out of there,” said Cynthia McGrath of the Holland Park Community Association, who helped organize the annual event with her husband, Philip, the association president. With about 18 adults and 10 children, “it wasn't the best turnout we've had, but we got the job done.”
       The residents worked down the open space's trail and adjacent creek from Holland Park Boulevard to Chestnut Street. “We're just trying to keep the neighborhood up,” Philip said.
       The trash bags were to be picked up afterward by Colorado Springs Parks crews, Cynthia said.
       One open space problem the neighborhood would like city help on is the several downed trees in the creek. Uprooted by past flooding, the trees “cause a tremendous amount of clogging,” she said, which in turn can redirect the creek flow toward nearby houses during a storm.
       A disappointment for the volunteers was discovering that the one picnic bench in the open space has disappeared. As a result, they ate their post-workday lunch on the ground, Cynthia said. Cynthia McGrath cheerfully drags a full bag of trash up from Douglas Creek during the Holland Park Community 
Association clean-up effort April 26.
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       The association is a volunteer group representing the roughly 1,200 households in Holland Park, a neighborhood south of Garden of the Gods Road.
       The association's next clean-up of the Douglas Creek Open Space is planned for next fall.

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