White Bison Forgiveness Ceremony at Trinity

       A Ceremony of Forgiveness will be held at noon Friday, May 2 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 701 N. 20th St., in connection with past abuses at government boarding schools for Indian children.
       The public is invited.
       The ceremony will be led by Trinity Pastor Jerry Boles, a Navajo, and Don Coyhis of White Bison, an American Indian non-profit organization.
       White Bison is planning a cross-country Forgiveness Journey that will stop at many of the school sites May 16 through June 24.
       Before the ceremony, at 10 a.m., the movie about boarding schools, “Our Spirits Do Not Speak English,” will be shown at the church.
       For more information, call 632-9295.

Westside Pioneer/press release