‘Jefferson’ visits Midland class

       Kindergarteners at Midland Elementary got a visit from “Thomas Jefferson” recently as part of their study of the American West and people who have contributed to the world.

Two classes of Midland Elementary kindergarteners take in a recent distinguished visitor to their classroom - Thomas Jefferson.
Courtesy of Brenda Holmes-Stanciu

       Dave Wallace, a local resident who does various historical personalities, dressed as Jefferson and talked to the students mainly about the early American president's role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
       According to kindergarten teacher Brenda Holmes-Stanciu, the class has been reading a chapter book about the dog named Seaman who traveled with Lewis and Clark. The youngsters have also been curious about Jefferson because his face is on the nickel.
       Wallace was so convincing in his role that some kindergartners thought he was Jefferson, Holmes observed.
       Attendees included Lucia Pelletier's kindergartners.
       Holmes' class also has had visits from a retired teacher who is involved with a museum organization. She is helping the class organize their personal and family histories as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) effort at Midland, Holmes said.

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