EDITORíS DESK: Once more, with feeling

       I really didn't want to write about sharrows again this time. After all, there are other subjects. Isn't that good news about the Westside schools showing a higher enrollment increase than District 11 as a whole? And most anybody who knows Doug Hugill at Coronado would agree that he is deserving of pretty much any teaching award that can be handed out. I was also happy for Roya Mirhossaini. Whether a student gets a Boettcher scholarship as a first choice or an alternate, it's still a full ride through college.
       But those dang sharrows...
       It's not as if I'm totally opposed to them. In the right setting, I think they can clarify for motorists where cyclists are allowed to be in a traffic lane. And cyclists say they like them because it enhances their sense of safety. There's just that small matter that when cyclists are in their rightful place, front wheel bisecting the sharrow arrow, there is no way a car can stay completely in that lane in order to pass. But of course that's all covered in our "analysis" article on Page 1.
       OK, I think I'm getting closer to the root of my sharrow-itis. It's tied in with those old Western values of frankness and fair play. Because right now I don't think the city staff, with the possible exception of Dave Krauth, has displayed either. Nick Kittle's presentation to City Council made him sound more like a marketer than an engineer: He omitted the shared-lane quandary, he blamed the "media" for pre-empting his publicity campaign and two volunteers for not helping it (when we later found that the publicity wasn't due to start till after the sharrow markings went in), and he spun the May 2 meeting with OWN and CONO as proof of "public outreach" (when in fact those volunteer citizen groups had demanded a meeting because they'd only heard about sharrows from the media). And then there's the new, supposedly improved City Council, praising staff and ignoring the public ire. How's that old Who song go? "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"?

- K.J.