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The hacked stump is all that's left of a tree in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. About 30 in all have been vandalized so far, with no idea who's doing it or why.
Courtesy of Colorado Springs Parks

Vandalism to trees on the rise at Red Rock Canyon

       Editor's note: The following statement about ongoing tree-cutting vandalism in Red Rock Canyon Open Space was provided by the division of City Parks that looks after that property. Anyone with knowledge about it is asked to call the city's Scott Abbott at 385-6542 or e-mail sabbott@springsgov.com.

       “For reasons unknown, a very determined individual has taken issue with beautiful trees in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. In the past few months staff has noticed random trees being cut down with an ax. One or two, here and there. This division witnesses various odd situations quite often and we see odd behavior come and go. This behavior, sadly, has only increased and now we have lost approximately 30 trees and the severity is increasing.
       “The latest? Beautiful ponderosas perched atop the central Red Rock Canyon and heaved over the edge to the trail, climbing routes and valley below. This division is caught between utter sadness and complete confusion as to WHY someone has continued to engage in this activity.”

From a press release
(Posted 4/29/15; Outdoors: Red Rock Canyon)

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