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Voters in city mayor runoff election have until May 19 to submit ballots

Mary Lou Makepeace
Courtesy of campaign
       A metal box outside the El Paso County Citizens Service Center, 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Road, is a nearby 24/7 location for Westside voters to drop off ballots in the Colorado Springs mayoral runoff election that concludes May 19.
       Otherwise, voters can mail in their ballots or drop them at various locations around the city, most of which are open only during working hours. The city mailed blank ballots to registered voters last week.
       For a list of all locations (or the election in general), contact the City Clerk's Office at 385-5901 or https://coloradosprings.gov.
       John Suthers and Mary Lou Makepeace, the highest vote-getters in the April 7 municipal election, are vying for the city's top office.
       The winner will receive a salary of $96,000 a year, as stipulated in the “strong-mayor” charter change of 2010 that gave the mayor most of the
John Suthers
Courtesy of campaign
former duties of a hired city manager.
       The new mayor, who will be sworn in June 2, will serve four years.
       Raised in Colorado Springs, Suthers was state attorney general from 2005 to 2013 and before that was the district attorney for this area and executive director of the state Department of Corrections. He believes this experience has prepared him to be mayor and also given him connections at the state level that can help with city economic development.
       Makepeace, who moved to Colorado Springs in 1971, is seeking a return to the mayor's office. She previously held the post from 1997 to 2003. Before that, she served 12 years as a City Councilmember. Makepeace's other jobs include founding the Community Council of the Pikes Peak Region (through which she helped start the city's first homeless shelter) and currently teaching political science at UCCS.
       Both candidates have stressed a desire to work cooperatively with City Council (in contrast with the often-contentious situation that existed between outgoing Mayor Steve Bach and council). One major issue where the two candidates have taken different positions is marijuana. Suthers was an opponent of statewide legalization, while Makepeace issued a recent press release stating that she would like the city to allow recreational marijuana.

Westside Pioneer article
(Posted 4/27/15; Politics: City/County)

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