Westside schools: Moody takes third in international bridge-building

       Kyle Moody, a senior at Coronado High School, came within a few grams of becoming champion in finishing a surprising third in the recent International Bridge Building competition in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
       The achievement came in competition against well over a hundred high school engineers from around the United States as well as some foreign countries, according to CHS physics teacher Doug Hugill.
       Moody had qualified for the event by finishing second individually in Colorado - in the process leading Coronado to the state title. At Oak Ridge, Moody proceeded to beat the state champion (a student from Woodland Park).
       The trick of bridge building is using the lightest possible materials to hold the greatest possible amount of weight. Moody's third-place effort weighed less than 30 grams (there are 454 grams in a pound), yet held more than 150 pounds. To make the contest interesting, the specifications were not the same as in the regional events. The qualifying students were given a month to design an arch bridge with three load positions. At state, there had been two.
       “These were all engineering and physics kids,” Hugill said. “So out of some really bright kids, he emerged as not only bright but ingenious.”
       One quality Moody has certainly shown is perseverance. He recalled that in his freshman and sophomore years, “I didn't do that well.” Then last year he just missed qualifying for the International competition.
       What kept him motivated, even when he was less successful, was a fascination with building and design. “It's nice to see how well something you built works,” he said.
       Moody plans to attend the Colorado School of Mines. He want to be an engineer, but has not yet decided which discipline within that career.
       Washington Elementary will host “Summer Splash” May 9 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.
       “Splash” is an effort to connect families with community programs, events and activities in which children can participate during the summer. Many community agencies and their services will be represented.
       Interactive activities for kids will be included during the evening.
       For more information, call the school at 328-4800.
       Ivywild Elementary is collecting donations for its annual rummage sale May 13. A wide range of items are being accepted, including clothes, furniture, knick-knacks and toys. Proceeds from the sale will go to the school.
       To leave a donation, come to Ivywild, 1064 S. Cascade Ave., between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. during school days. Proceeds will go to the school.
       For more information, call 328-4316.
       The Coronado High PTA is conducting a survey to see how best to involve the alumni at Coronado. If you would like more information and/or to be added to the alumni contact list, contact Lynn Lovato at 528-6334, or e-mail LynnLov@aol.com, or contact the school at 328-3600.
       In case anyone was wondering what would happen to the big bucket on the Kentucky Fried Chicken sign that the restaurant recently took down at 31st Street and Colorado Avenue, there was an answer this week:
       It was upside down over the cougar statue at the front of Coronado High School.
       The act was a senior prank, according to a school official.

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