Donations fund Rock Ledge trees

       An informal fund-raising effort gathered enough money to plant two Toba Hawthorne trees along the trail leading from the Pleasant Valley neighborhood into the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.
       The roughly 10-foot-tall trees were planted, with the help of Girl Scout Troop 99, during Arbor Day/Earth Day activities at the Ranch April 22.
       At a brief ceremony before the plantings, Ron Wright, president of the Ranch's Living History Association (LHA), said the volunteer group originally just wanted to renovate an informational sign in that spot. But after additional consideration, “we thought it would be appropriate with Arbor Day to plant a tree next to it.”
       The LHA and the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association (PVNA) each put up $50, and another $380 was donated by Pleasant Valley individuals - who mainly got the word through the neighborhood's “Connection” e-mail service. This was enough to buy two trees.
       Dick Wulf, the PVNA president (who originated the Connection), was previously PVNA president in the mid-'70s. At that time the neighborhood had a volunteer planting effort in the same location. “I think we had 1,100 plantings, little sticks that didn't survive,” he said. “I hope and pray these will take.”
       Because the Ranch is owned by the city, the city's forestry employees will take care of the trees.

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