Red Rock trail workdays May 13-14

       Signups are being taken for the season's first volunteer trail project at Red Rock Canyon Open Space Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14. It will involve finishing work on a new, roughly half-mile trail between the almost-complete 31st Street trailhead and the central part of the open space near the High Street trailhead, off Highway 24.
       The Trails & Open Space Coalition will organize the work May 13 and Friends of the Peak May 14.
       The project is part of a City Parks development effort this spring at the 788.1-acre, city-owned property that will also result in a permanent, paved trailhead at High Street.
       The volunteer effort will take place on a path that a contractor cut in this month with a machine and some hand tools. According to Sarah Keith of City Parks, tasks will include revegetation and “backslope corrections” (fixing the drainage angle on the backside of the trail), where needed, she said.
       Lunch and snacks will be provided to volunteers both days. The meeting location will be the 31st Street trailhead, just south of Highway 24, at 8:30 a.m.
       A contractor began building the 31st trailhead this month and is nearly done. “They've been cooking,” Keith said, pledging that the trailhead, including paving, will be complete by the project weekend.
       For more information on the May 13-14 project, call the Trails and Open Space Coalition at 633-6884 or Friends of the Peak at 471-3145.

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