City begins 'Operation Pothole'

       The Colorado Springs Street Division wants to hear from the public about potholes. The week of April 24-28 has been dubbed Operation Pothole week, but calls will be accepted past that date.
       According to Peg Richardson, construction maintenance support manager for the Street Division, “we actually conduct pothole activities year-round, so any and all calls will be accepted and then put into the service request system to ensure prompt attention. The Street Division simply conducts 'Operation Pothole' as a reminder to citizens throughout the city to continue to be our eyes and notify us if/when a pothole or any other roadway deterioration is found.”
       The pothole hotline is 385-6808. Requests can also be submitted at
       “With 1,570 miles of city-maintained streets to monitor, the Street Division relies on citizens to report potholes in the city,” a city press release states. “The Street Division repaired 15,143 potholes in 2005.”
       The release continues, “Potholes are common to Colorado Springs and other Front Range cities due to the winter weather pattern that consists of many freeze-thaw cycles. Potholes typically form when moisture seeps into cracks in the surface of a road and freezes, causing it to expand. When the ice thaws that space is left empty, and combined with frequent or heavy traffic over the crack, causes the asphalt to crack and fail.”
       For more information, call the Street Division at 385-6808.

From a press release