Also delayed: 8th Street pedestrian bridge, sidewalk

       A continued need for state review has again put off installation of a pedestrian bridge over Fountain Creek at Eighth Street.
       Colleen Dawson, who is coordinating the project for Colorado Springs Traffic Engineering, said there are no show-stoppers - such as environmental issues - causing the delay. “It's just a matter of process,” she said. “Different people at the state need to look at it.”
       She had no target date for construction, but said work should start sometime this summer. The city is working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on plans
       The original goal for the bridge had been to install it before the end of 2005. But in December the project scope was reworked, with Traffic Engineering hoping to gain efficiency by combining the bridge with a nearby, separately funded project that will extend the right-turn lane for northbound traffic onto Highway 24. Traffic Engineering also planned to seek ways to reduce installation costs for the 6-foot-wide, 12-foot-long metal span. An April project date was predicted.
       The bridge, along with a sidewalk (to be installed in conjunction with the longer turn lane), will improve the current situation in which there is no pedestrian path on the south side of Eight Street from the Auto Zone store nearly to Highway 24.

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