Around 50 properties to be impacted in any CDOT build option for Highway 24

       Different numbers have appeared in regard to the number of potential properties that would be affected by the Westside Highway 24 expressway construction that is envisioned by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
       According to Mary Jo Vobejda of CH2M HILL (a principal CDOT consultant in the project's planning process), owners of 149 properties have been sent letters indicating that all or part of their land might be touched. “If you didn't receive a letter, you are not near the footprint,” she noted.
       However, she emphasized, 149 represents all the properties in all the design alternatives combined. Fewer would be needed in each alternative.
       For a given alternative, the state has released rough estimates that 50 businesses and 40 residences could be affected. However, according to Vobejda, “these numbers result from a layout that has no design efforts included to minimize the property impacts. Experience has shown that design efforts can minimize these impacts by as much as half.”
       Where would properties likely be impacted by a highway widening or by broadened interchanges/ intersections? Other than five or fewer businesses being removed at an expanded Manitou interchange over Manitou Avenue, all the properties would be east from 26th Street, Vobejda said. As for the established residential area north of Highway 24 between 8th and 21st, she said, “It's really hard to tell (but) we're not looking at blocks and blocks of houses.”
       The project scope is between I-25 and the Manitou interchange.
       The state has the power of eminent domain, but normally CDOT works out purchase deals with individual property owners. The state will also pay the costs of an owner-hired appraiser, if so desired, as well as moving costs, Vobejda said.

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