Life returns to former Planned Parenthood site

       The former Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood property at 1330 W. Colorado Ave. has new owners and a new future.

Originally a 7-Eleven, most recently a Planned Parenthood facility, 1330 W. Colorado Ave. has seen some upgrades in recent months from new owners/married couple Dr. Mary Purinsh and Dr. Gene McHugh. A demolition of the front of the building is planned, with its replacement strip to have a historic-style facade.
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       The 10,000-square-foot site, with a roughly 3,000-square-foot building, was bought last June by Westside dentist Dr. Mary Purinsh and her audiologist husband Dr. Gene McHugh, under the name of Dentaudio LLC. They have been making property improvements ever since, including general cleanup and landscaping, new parking lot curbing and pressed brick in the parkway. The latter space, between the sidewalk and the street curb, “was nothing but weeds,” Purinsh said.
       Her goal is to eventually move her dental practice into part of the building, and to lease the remainder to one or more other business professionals, in keeping with its medical office zone. Her current office is in a business condo she owns on the second floor of Old Town Plaza, at 25th and Colorado. She's been there since 1980, when she started her practice. However, parking would be more certain at 1330, plus she likes the thought of working in a newly remodeled building, Purinsh said.
       Coming soon at 1330 will be a demolition of the front strip of the building, about 12 feet back, totalling about 1,000 square feet in all. It was not part of the original structure, built as a 7-Eleven in 1967. The space was added by Planned Parenthood during its time there from 1983 to 2010. While the original building, including brick interior walls, remains solid, the addition has problems with leakage, she said.
       After the demo dust clears, the Purinsh-McHugh plan is to replace the front, but to redesign the facade to look “more compatible with Westside architecture,” Purinsh said. Along with a higher roof pitch, this will include a centered entrance - the current door is at the east end - with columns and “a porchy effect” based on what's known as the Colonial Revival style, Purinsh said.
       The final phase of the project will be to upgrade the parking lot and complete the landscaping, which will include sod, plantings and flowers on the 14th Street side, she summarized.
       Work is expected to take place over the summer.
       Purinsh was initially attracted to the site because of the location. With a combination of small businesses and residences, “it's a nice neighborhood,” she said.
       A surprise realization for Purinsh has been that some people outside the neighborhood don't know that Planned Parenthood is gone (moved to Fillmore and Centennial in 2010). She'll still hear shouts from motorists, which she associates with the anti-abortion protesters who used to stand outside the building when Planned Parenthood was there. She thinks the new facade will help change that.
       She's gotten positive feedback from the neighbors themselves. “People are glad Planned Parenthood moved and a dentist bought it,” Purinsh said.

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