EDITORíS DESK: Wanted: New name for No Manís Land

       I have this little beef with the modern world. Where in the past we had poet/playwright William Shakespeare shaping the English language, including the addition of some 1,700 words, nowadays it seems as if most new words are being created by lawyers, bureaucrats and techies.
       So that complicates finding a suitable name for the area currently known as No Man's Land - a new name, based on the notion that it could become much finer than it is, a veritable bridge between two historic districts (Old Colorado City and Manitou). The article on Page 1 mentions a couple of suggestions, offered by people on the task force that is studying ways to solve crime issues there. No offense to them or anyone in that group - serious-minded folks with the community in their hearts - but I'm pretty sure none of them will ever critique a colleague's idea by terming it "such stuff as dreams are made on" (Shakespeare/"The Tempest").
       For my part, I like it when there are historical aspects, and that's certainly a benefit we enjoy on the Westside. In the late 1800s, a man named Charles Adams lived in that area, near the place where the railroad tracks crossed the road, so it was known for years as Adams Crossing. By all accounts, his place of residence (a landmark now is the bridge over Fountain Creek) allowed him to serve both Manitou and Colorado City. He even stepped on a bigger stage once to help Ouray and Chipeta end the Meeker Massacre peacefully.
       But here's my main idea. What do you readers think? Do you have a name idea for that area west of 31st? We'll run suggestions for all to see. My e-mail is editor@westsidepioneer.com. I do think words matter, even if, as Shakespeare had Juliet tell Romeo, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

- K.J.