Auto lot proposed next to substation

       A proposed development that would bring a specialty auto sales lot to the vacant property just east of the Gold Hill Police Substation will go before the Colorado Springs Planning Commis-sion Thursday, May 3.
       The meeting will start at 8:30 a.m. in the Pikes Peak Regional Development Center, 2880 International Circle, Room 201.
       Called the Rio Grande Subdivision, the property is between Moreno Avenue and Rio Grande Street. It is owned by a limited liability corporation headed by Corey Keysar, who has other auto enterprises in the city, according to Michael Jones, the planner for the project.
       Asked if the auto-sales business would include the kind of all-night lighting that has triggered complaints from residents near the Motor City auto lots along South Eighth Street, Jones said no. “That's horrible,” he said, referring to South Eighth. “This project is certainly not an extension of Motor City.”
       Keysar sells cars on the Internet, Jones explained. “There will be a lot of specialty cars. So it will be a very small showroom and a small lot. There won't be balloons up in the sky.”
       He also pointed out that the site, located in a commercial area, is not close to any houses. In addition to the police substation, nearby businesses include a body shop, Pikes Peak Mental Health Center and the Norris-Penrose Event Center. The auto sales would be permitted by conditional use, according to the proposal that Planning Commission will hear.
       Of the 6 total acres, 2 ˝ would be used for Keysar's lot, with the remaining space left unused for now, the plans show. “Part of the property is not developable due to the slope along Rio Grande and there is also a detention pond on the eastern part of the property,” noted city planner James Mayerl.
       The proposal also asks the city to approve subdividing the property into four lots, a development plan for Keysar's Lot 3 and a concept plan for the whole property. Any development on the other three lots would require a separate approval process, Jones elaborated.
       Mayerl recommends approval on all the requests, although noting there are still unanswered questions about the land's stability. The applicant's geologic consultant, CTL Thompson, believes this is “more of a mapping issue than a development issue,” according to Mayerl's report to Planning Commission. As a result, he has recommended the concept plan “not be finally approved until the Colorado Geological Survey has reviewed and accepted the revisions to the Geologic Hazard Report” for the property.
       Should Keysar receive Planning Commission approval, Jones said he expects construction to begin soon. “He (Keysar) is anxious to get going,” he said.
       For more information on the project, call Mayerl at 385-5360.
       Also going to Planning Commission May 3 is a development plan for Bergamo Estates, a six-lot home development southwest of Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street.
       The 9.72-acre property is next to Bear Creek Park and a few private residences.
       The owners are Michael and Sharon Bonicelli. In addition to the development plan, they are asking for a subdivision plat approval and waiver from the requirement for a public sidewalk in front of their property on Lower Gold Camp (which has no sidewalk there now).
       Access to the lots would be by a driveway down a slope from Lower Gold Camp.
       Comments can be phoned in to city planner Ryan Tefertiller at 385-5382.

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