Old Town home of new motorbike dealership

       One of Dallas Maddox' clearest memories growing up on a north-central Montana wheat farm was his uncle riding a Whizzer motorbike. Dallas Maddox displays the five colors of Whizzer motorbikes inside his Old Colorado City showroom.
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       “It looked cool,” Maddox recalled, then added, with a tinge of regret, “He never let me ride it.”
       That situation has changed in a big way. Maddox not only has his own Whizzer now - he bought it 10 years ago and it still “runs like a top” - but he just opened an Old Colorado City franchise for the nationwide manufacturer of bikes that run either on motors or pedal power.
       Whizzers of Oz is at 2423 1/2 W. Colorado Ave. (phone 520-5840). The 800-square-foot dealership offers both Whizzer models (one has no pedals), all five color options, and parts and service.
       “We're the only franchise in southern Colorado,” said Maddox. “I'm surprised; they're really hot.”
       The other Colorado dealership is in Denver.
       Maddox chose Old Colorado City for its style and proximity to the downtown. He hopes to attract locals who work downtown and like the idea of not needing a parking space (Whizzers can be put in a bike rack).
       So far, so good. On the first Saturday this month after obtaining the necessary sales permit, “I talked to 95 people,” he said.
       Whizzers date back to 1939, when they were offered as engine kits for bicycles. The first Whizzer motorbike came out in 1948.
       The design hasn't changed too much over the years. Maddox said they still look much like the one his uncle drove.
       Before starting the business, Maddox had worked as a software developer. Why the career switch? “It's a hobby gone wild,” he laughed.

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