On Grant: ‘He is just loved’

       For three years, Coronado High School student Grant Renck has been working an hour during school days for Marie Owens in the school administration office.
       “He is just loved,” the school program coordinator said of the health-embattled senior, who is looking forward to graduation in May. To celebrate, “we will throw a little party for him.”
       Grant's work is chiefly clerical, including shredding papers, sorting materials and sharpening pencils. “He sharpens hundreds and hundreds during CSAP time,” Owens said. “He loves that. But we really work to give him a variety of things to do.”
       One of the harder physical obstacles Grant has faced in his life is speaking and being understood. “I'm lucky that way,” Owens said. “I'm able to understand him.” What she's come to learn is that he's “smart and has a good vocabulary.”
       Another feature about Grant is his “good sense of humor,” she said. “He loves practical jokes and likes to remind us if April Fools Day is coming up.”

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