Tank car, 2nd ore cart in Old Town

       A second Cripple Creek gold-mine ore cart, along with a tank car, recently appeared on the south sidewalk along Colorado Avenue's 2600 block in Old Colorado City. A Cripple Creek/Victor gold mine tank car (front) and a
second ore cart (behind) were recently placed in Old Colorado City.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Like the first cart, which was situated last year at the northeast corner of the avenue and 27th Street, the new display resulted from efforts by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District.
       Working with Daniel Roy, whose late father Willie Roy, had been a Cripple Creek miner, the district board bought both the two carts and received the tank car as a donation, according to district chair Judy Kasten.
       The plaque, which is still in the works, will state that the tank car is in memory of Willie Roy as well as all Cripple Creek gold miners and their families, she said.
       A third ore cart may yet be placed in Old Town. The board is considering one in Bancroft Park at the northwest corner of the avenue and 24th Street. “Then we'd have a cart at each entrance [to Old Colorado City] and one in the middle,” Kasten said. However, she noted that this third ore cart placement is “still in the embryonic stage,” in part because permission would be needed from City Parks.
       The district board decided on an ore cart theme because historically “this area thrived because of the miners,” Kasten said. Millions of dollars worth of gold from Cripple Creek and Victor was processed at several mills on the Westside prior to 1950, predominantly at the Golden Cycle mill (site of the current Gold Hill Mesa residential/commercial development).
       The maintenance district is funded by taxes on the property owners within Old Colorado City.

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