Thanks for District 11 coverage
       I can't thank you enough for keeping me up with what is happening in my old home, the Westside.
       My husband taught school at Buena Vista 1955-60 (fifth grade) and coached the baseball team. My brother attended Washington, and we both attended West. I worked as a docent at Bear Creek Nature Center after I retired from work as alumni records director at Colorado College. So I have been very pleased with your fair and full reporting on school closings.
       The District 11 board changed boundaries in 1966 so my daughter was forced to attend Wasson. My son, who was three years younger, attended Palmer from the same home at 1317 N. Prospect.
       They always spend time and money sending out of town for some expensive consultant to tell them how to close neighborhood schools. It only took close to 20 years to find someone to buy Lowell on South Nevada and use that valuable space. Oh well, like a mighty turtle, public institutions change and repeat old mistakes.

Ruth Wilson Teason