SAIL applications being accepted through summer

       School District 11 will continue to accept applications for its Student-Centered Academic Interdisciplinary Lab (SAIL) program through the summer, according to West Middle School SAIL Coordinator Beth Busby.
        The official deadline was in March, but openings still exist and “you never know when kids who are gifted are going to move here,” she said.
       To reach Busby, call West at 328-3900. A standard test is given to applicants. If a student tests out as gifted in any area and other related application findings, including a personal interview, turn out favorably, the child will be accepted into SAIL.
       “We want to see if the child can learn in a lab environment,” Busby said. “We want happy kids who love learning, who will stay in the program for three years and who will shine.”
       Any students accepted before the end of the school year will be able to spend a day “shadowing” a West SAIL student to get an idea of what the program is like before deciding whether to enroll in it.

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