Westside on RTA’s grid for concrete

       In case the cement trucks aren't making it obvious, several streets on the older Westside have been getting significant upgrades this spring.
       The concrete work is scheduled to last another two months, according to Doug Stern, who oversees on-call projects for the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA).
       The affected streets are scheduled for new pavement in 2012, he said.
       The current attention stems from the RTA policy of planning its work by map grids, Stern said. There are 16 grids in the city, and the grid for the Westside is getting its turn this year.
       The contractor is NORAA.
       These are the streets on the list:
       - 10th Street (Vermijo to Colorado).
       - 11th Street (Vermijo to Limit).
       - 12th Street (Kiowa to Bijou).
       - 13th Street (Colorado to Bijou).
       - 14th Street (Cimarron to Kiowa).
       - 15th Street (Colorado to Platte).
       - 16th Street (Colorado to St. Vrain).
       - Bijou Street (13th to 14th).
       - Platte Avenue (15th to deadend east).
       - St. Vrain Place (St Vrain Street to cul de sac).
       - St Vrain Street (15th to St. Vrain Place).

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