Speed-reading at Washington Elementary

       Washington Elementary students have been participating in Bandimere Speedway's Race to Read program this month, and on April 20 they got a chance to meet a couple of the speedway's drivers and check out their cars.
       The drivers were Bill Garcia and Paul Cordova, who displayed their customized dragsters - a Honda Civic and Acura Integra, respectively - on the school playground.
       Garcia's daughter, Burgundy, is a first-grader at Washington. She is also the top reader in her class, which is currently in first place in Race to Read, according to Melody Myrvik-Collins, the community liaison for Washington.
       The class competition is illustrated on a hallway wall by toy cars that move closer to the “finish line” based on how many books students read at home. Prizes, including tickets to Bandimere Speedway (located in the Denver metro area), will be given to the top classes and individual readers.
       The program is intended to “encourage families to get involved, especially with the younger grades because the parents do a lot of the reading,” Myrvick said. “The idea is to teach students that reading is a tool they're going to use all their lives. The drivers even told the kids they have to read manuals to put their cars together.”

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