Midland IB ceremony April 26

       Midland Elementary will celebrate its authorization as an International Bacca-laureate (IB) school with a dinner ceremony Tuesday, April 26.
       Starting at 5 p.m., the event will include a talk by Principal Barbara Bishop, an “international dinner,” student singing performances and chances to visit classrooms, review students' IB portfolios and view student artwork on the walls, according to Lara Eddy, Midland IB coordinator.
       The District 11 Board of Education and administrators have been invited to attend.
       Members of the public who would like to come are asked to order their tickets by Friday, April 22, Eddy said. The cost is $2 for an adult and $1 for a child.
       Midland is the only District 11 elementary school with an IB program. It had been a pilot program for 2 ½ years before receiving authorization from IB headquarters in March.
       The IB philosophy is that students learn best by coming up with their own questions regarding subject matter, then seeking out the answers.

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