Sustainability: The idling engine

       The following was an e-mail exchange (with slight editing) between the Westside Pioneer and Mary Barber, Fort Carson sustainability resource officer, after the sustainability meeting April 18:
       Westside Pioneer: Mary - It was a pleasure to meet you today at the sustainability event. I learned more about what's gone into the Fort Carson efforts in that regard, which is helpful.
       Just one thing I need to follow up on: I was contacted afterward by one of the meeting attendees, who mentioned seeing a vehicle there, with government plates and a chauffeur in military dress, and that the car was sitting in the parking lot for at least 15 minutes with the engine running. What officer would this vehicle have been waiting for? An officer from Fort Carson? And in the spirit of the meeting, why 15 minutes with an idling engine?
       Barber: Vehicle idling is a huge challenge for us! I suspect that the driver was probably there with Colonel X [name withheld] since he was the only military person and anyone who would have a driver. We are challenged with drivers, who often drive SUVs to boot, to turn off their vehicles. We run campaigns at least once a year, usually with our air quality goal, to try to educate people about not idling. In this case, I'm glad you mentioned it because I can educate the driver (and the colonel) personally!

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