Sheriff pledges close watch on parolee

       The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has pledged to closely monitor a man convicted of sexual assault who was released from jail this week and will be living at 3431 W. Colorado Ave.
       However, Sheriff Terry Maketa also pointed out, at a meeting of citizens April 17, that 22-year-old Rashaun Demetrius Faulcon is legally allowed the chance to rehabilitate himself, adding that any harassment against him would break the law.
       The nature of Faulcon's crime - joining with fellow gang members at age 16 in forcing themselves on two girls in southeast Colorado Springs - was considered violent enough that the state has identified him as a “sexually violent predator” (SVP), with a “high potential to re-offend,” according to information presented at the meeting.
       Only 28 of the state's 9,358 registered sex offenders have been given the SVP classfication, Maketa said.
       The gang is known as the Gangster Disciples, a carryover from the Black Gangster Disciples, originally from Chicago, he said.
       Concerns about Faulcon's proximity to nearby tourist motels and small children were raised by attendees at the meeting. Maketa said he sympathized, but the law does not allow authorities to dictate where a sex offender can live after he has served his time and been released.
       Sheriff's personnel listed Faulcon's parole conditions, including no contact with gang members; no contact with minors; participation in sex offender and drug/alcohol treatment programs; no weapons; no going to bars; no driving a vehicle (although he could earn the right to own one through consistent good behavior); holding a job; payment of restitution; no pornography; taking random polygraph tests; not spending the night anywhere but his residence; and putting up with random visits from law enforcement officials;
       During the first 180 days, he will also be under electronic surveillance with a GPS device. “He will have constant contact with law enforcement the rest of his life,” Maketa summed up.
       Faulcon will be living in a small apartment in a pocket of unincorporated land, known as No Man's Land, between the city and Manitou Springs.
       The owner of the property knows who Faulcon is. “In some cases, landlords are trying to help them (convicts like Faulcon) get on the right foot,” Maketa commented.
       But he also encouraged people to call the Sheriff's Office if they see anything that seems wrong.

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