Fillmore-Centennial: More shopping on the horizon
City approves Grandview Commons concept plan

       The commercial growth northwest of Fillmore Street and Centennial Boulevard is poised to continue, with Colorado Springs City Council's recent approval of a zone change and concept plan for an 8.3-acre property that's been given the name of Grandview Commons.
       The area is just north of the Grandview Market Place shopping center (anchored by King Soopers) and just south of three previously approved medical facilities (including the under-construction, three-story Center at Centennial rehabilitation facility).
       The council approval opens the door for one or more builders to come forward with specific development plans in keeping with the concept plan. It also authorizes a private road, parallel to Centennial, that will carry traffic through the commercial area. Tom Drake of NES Inc., the planning firm responsible for the Grandview Commons concept plan, said he foresees development plans within three or four months.
       “The site will be mixed with retail as well as restaurant and office uses,” a City Planning summary explains “A three-story mixed office/retail building is proposed just north of [the street named] Grand Market Point. Altogether, 54,000 square feet of office use is proposed along with a bank (4,000 square feet), restaurant (5,000 square feet) and 26,000 square feet of retail.”
       The concept plan was drawn up in line with the master plan for properties owned on the Mesa by the Lyda Hill Foundation. Don Hare of the Hare Group, which helps guide development of those properties, said that while it is not yet known what stores will be built on the 8.3 acres, “big boxes” will not be among them. “They ask, and we tell them no, go someplace else,” Hare said. “We don't think it's apropos for the area. They can go out to Academy Boulevard or North Nevada Avenue. We don't want those kinds of traffic issues.”
       The area northwest of Fillmore/Centennial was undeveloped until early 2004, when construction started on the King Soopers. Work on the Center at Centennial started last fall.

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