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Hash-oil explosion in Westside apartment complex; suspect badly burned

A police photo inside an apartment in the 100 block of North 31st Street shows damage and evidence on the floor related to the hash oil explosion April 17.
Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police
A man who allegedly ignited a hash oil explosion was being treated this week in a Denver hospital for major burns suffered in the incident April 17 in his apartment in the 100 block of North 31st Street.
       According to Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department, “the suspect will be charged with 18-18-406.6 extraction of marijuana concentrate, a class 2 drug felony, criminal mischief, which is based on the dollar amount of the damage and then reckless endangerment for placing the other residents in harm's way.”
       A state law passed in 2015 made it a felony to extract marijuana hash oil in a residence using hazardous materials such as flammable liquid chemicals or compressed gas.
       The suspect's name will be released only when an arrest is made, Buckley added. “Due to his injuries, an arrest obviously takes a back seat to his medical care.”
       The investigation is continuing, but detectives have not indicated that they are looking for any other suspects, she said.
A police photo shows the damage to the apartment ceiling from the hash oil explosion April 17.
Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police
The explosion harmed the apartment's interior, including floor and ceiling areas, but did not structurally damage the apartment building, according to the police blotter report on the incident. “Items consistent with the production of hash oil were located inside the apartment,” the blotter entry also noted.
       Another apartment resident said the unit where the explosion occurred was on the second floor of the three-story complex, and that it was loud enough to be heard in his unit on the third-floor.

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(Posted 4/22/16; Community: Public Safety)

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