‘Historic Old Colorado City’ added to street-name signs on stoplights

       Stoplight signs in Old Colorado City don't just tell you the cross-streets anymore… They let you know the part of town you're in. With approval from the boards of the Old Colorado City
merchants and the maintenance district, Colorado Springs
Traffic Engineering crews were installing historically geared signs at the intersections on Colorado Avenue April 16.
Westside Pioneer photo
       As of this week, “Historic Old Colorado City” joins the street names on the 14 new signs installed beside the Colorado Avenue stoplights facing traffic at Colbrunn Court and 25th, 26th and 27th streets. The words display in the logo style used by the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group.
       According to Pete Doyle of City Traffic Engineering, the old intersection signs, which had been installed about 14 years ago, had lost their reflectivity and were looking worn out. “Weather and time had taken their toll,” he said.
       The city had funding to replace the signs under Traffic Engineering's normal maintenance replacement program, he explained. However, as a Westsider himself, Doyle had the brainstorm that because replacement signs had to be made anyway, why not give them an extra “Old Colorado City” touch. He showed his plan to the merchants' and maintenance district boards in Old Colorado City, and got approvals from both.
       Watching as crews installed the signs April 16, Jim Heikes, president of the OCCA and member of the district board, said he was pleased at the way they add to Old Town's style.

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