Relocated Land Trust houses nearly done

       Two years after they arrived on the Westside, two relocated houses on Platte Avenue off 21st Street are getting close to looking finished.
       The final touches are to be applied next summer in a volunteer project led by the Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust (RMCLT) that will add landscaping to the properties at 2031 and 2025 W. Platte.
       Since being trucked over from the downtown in March 2006, the houses have been rehabilitated into single-family homes under the direction of the city's Division of Urban Redevelopment, then offered to limited-income, first-time homebuyers through a program managed by the Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust. One has been sold; the other is under contract.
       The volunteer project, anticipated in June, is aimed at helping out the homebuyers, according to RMCLT's Angela Mendiola. “They have limited resources to begin with,” she said. “They may or may not have funds for landscaping.”
       The two houses had been willed to the city. The Land Trust is a local non-profit organization that takes on partial ownership of houses to make them affordable.

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