Holland Park association sets cleanup April 18

       The Holland Park Community Association (HPCA) will host its annual Earth Day cleanup of the Douglas Creek Open Space Saturday, April 18 from 8 a.m. to noon.
       Volunteers are welcome. The meeting place is the new crosswalk in Holland Park Boulevard's 1300 block. Trash bags will be provided, as well as lunch for those who sign up and participate, according to Cynthia McGrath of the HPCA.
       But the scope of this year's effort will be bigger than just Douglas Creek. The HPCA is the adopting group for nearly 10-acre Jackson Park, and because of the city's “limited resources” this year the group will also perform litter control there, McGrath said.
       Beyond that, she said, “for those of you who would like to be involved, we have taken on a very large project, the WHOLE neighborhood.” People are asked to pick up around their homes and any other trash they see and to encourage their neighbors to do the same.
       As for Douglas Creek, McGrath said that in addition to the usual trash she has seen two grocery carts and a dead skunk in the waterway. Another problem, which she has noted in walking her dog there daily, is the reality that not all people pick up after their dogs. She said she is thinking about putting up a series of signs, “like the old Burma Shave signs” - something on the order of “I know you… love your dog… so clean up… their poop.”
       The HPCA represents a neighborhood of more than 1,100 single-family homes and 200 to 250 multifamily homes and duplexes. About 300 are on the HPCA e-mail list. For more information, call 264-1811.

Westside Pioneer/press release