Westsiders trek to 66 party precinct caucuses

       Several hundred people helped make decisions that will affect hundreds of thousands of people in the precinct caucuses for El Paso County April 13.
     On the Westside (west of I-25, north of Cheyenne, east of Manitou and south of Garden of the Gods Road), various numbers of registered voters in the two major political parties made their way to 30 locations for the Democrats and 36 for Republicans, naming committeepersons, block captains and delegates and making other decisions in preparation for the 2004 elections.
     The next step in the process will be the county assemblies. The Democrats will hold theirs April 24 at Palmer High School; the Republicans theirs May 1 at the World Arena.
     At the assemblies, delegates chosen at the caucuses will vote on candidates from their respective parties, in cases of multiple candidates, to decide which will make the Aug. 10 primary ballot. For Westsiders, the only such races are on the Republican side: District 3 county commissioner (Jack Gloriod and Sallie Clark) and district attorney (Dan May and John Newsome.

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