New King Soopers still set for June opening

       Construction on the new King Soopers shopping center at Fillmore Street and Centennial Boulevard remains on schedule for opening in June.
       The only changes in the plans since work began last winter are that the opening date has been moved a week ahead - to June 23 - and a stoplight is now planned at the intersection of Centennial and Grand Market Point (just north of the center).
       The grocery store will anchor a 100,000-square-foot center called Grandview Market Place that will also have several smaller retail establishments.
       At 66,000 square feet, the King Soopers is comparable in sales space to the existing Uintah Gardens store, which will remain in business, according to King Soopers spokesman Trail Daugherty. The Uintah Gardens store is actually 73,000 square feet, but a larger percentage of that store is used for backroom space, according to Kevin Olson, district manager.
        Retail space is still available for lease at the center, in either the units just north of the grocery store or in one of the free-standing locations, based on information from Bob Turner of Quadrant Properties, which is co-developing the store with King Soopers.
       Grocery store features will include a one-hour photo, a drive-up pharmacy, a coffee shop, a bank and a fuel center outside.

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