EDITOR’S DESK: Keeping up with the flood

       Below, Mel McFarland talks about the Storm of '99. I'm sitting here thinking about the News Flood of April 15, '04.
       The week started in an ordinary way, planning the usual 8-page paper. Then, gradually, I started noticing the volume of material, piling up on my desk like the snowbanks in Cripple Creek.
       This was in addition to the reality that on the night of Wednesday, April 14, the schedule showed three meetings with issues relevant to the Westside - the Colorado Springs Fire Department's Site Improvement Task Force, Red Rock Canyon Open Space and the District 11 Board of Education.
       Next thing I knew I was telling our printer the words I never thought I'd be saying quite so soon in the Westside Pioneer's saga:
       “We need to go to 12 pages this issue.”
       And so, here it is, our biggest paper so far. My apologies for any typos. We tried like crazy to catch them all. But at least the news is out there, flooding from my desk to yours...
       A hard story to write this issue: Pam Staley's announcement that she's done with school volunteering. Frankly, I hope she doesn't mean it. Hundreds of kids at various Westside schools have relied on her for after-school programs over the years. She even kept up the effort, as best she could, when she was fighting what was supposed to be terminal cancer five years ago. Her absence will especially be missed here on the Westside, which unfortunately lacks the massive parental involvement that's normal in some parts of town. She didn't just settle for easy, please-teacher volunteering, either. She also took on the tough stuff, like what schools aren't performing and why... and then tried to follow through on the results. Not the popular thing to do, but when did popularity ever bring about meaningful change?

- K.J.