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Qualifiers from Coronado, West Middle for FPS event in Iowa

       Several Future Problem Solving (FPS) students from Coronado High School and West Manitou Springs qualified to compete in the FPS International Conference as a result of their performances in the recent state competition at Coronado.
       Qualifying were:
       - Coronado's senior division team of Sara DelValle, Lucy Partlow-Loyall and Helen Stritzel (Palmer student).
       - Coronado's middle division team of Jackie Dunn, Nikki Partlow-Loyall and Thecla Shubert (a Rampart student).
       - West's middle division team of Brian Smith, Gabrielle Stenholm, Isabelle Stritzel and Michael Coale.
       - West's scenario writing individual - Summer Wilson.
       FPS is a judged competition in which student teams, working within a time limit, develop and organize creative fixes for problems that could happen in the future. The students practice throughout the school year, according to Anne Wolf, a gifted-program coordinator in District 11 who helps coordinate FPS efforts.

From a press release
(Posted 4/14/14; Schools: Coronado High School)

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