Westside Briefs:
City announces annual pothole focus

       The Colorado Springs Street Division has begun an “intensive push to repair potholes more quickly, thanks to additional funding from City Council,” a press release states.
       The normal response time is expected to drop from approximately five weeks to two weeks by dedicating six fulltime crews to repairing potholes. Potholes are prioritized by location, so potholes on main arterials will be repaired much quicker than the two-week goal, the release adds.
       The “Pothole Hotline” number is 385-6808.
       To report potholes on county roads, call 520-6460; on state or federal roads, call the Colorado Department of Transportation at 227-3246.
       Fires off Gold Camp Road
       Those fire engines hustling up 26th Street to Gold Camp Road the afternoon of April 7 were heading to a wildfire not far from homes off Gold Camp and Hydra roads.
       Seven vehicles were initially dispatched, with additional units called in because of the dry, windy conditions, a press release states.
       A second wildfire started nearby while crews were working on the initial blaze. Two vehicles were sent over to work that fire.
       Both fires burned in grassy areas and progressed into some of the scrub oak. No homes were burned, and no one was injured
       In all, 35 firefighters participated. The US Forest Service and Colorado Springs Utilities also sent vehicles and crews.
       The causes of both fires are under investigation.

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