Stone Path extends nursery streak at site

       Some type of nursery has operated at 3178 W. Colorado Ave. since at least the 1920s, and that trend is about to continue.

Edie Gibson, owner of Stone Path Gardens, stands behind the counter, joined by (from left) a blooming prickly pear cactus hybrid, a tray of sempervivems (which she described as a rare type of chicks-and-hens), a living stone plant with concrete leaf and several varieties of cold-hardy cactus. The counter and the wall behind her were made with recycled wood salvaged while renovating the property.
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       Stone Path Gardens, an out-of-the-home custom landscaping design business for the past 20 years, has moved into the 12,600-square-foot space and will become a full-service nursery with a greenhouse and “a lot of organic lines,” according to owner Edie Gibson.
       With some products still on order, a “soft opening” is slated for this weekend, she said.
       The business will be open daily. Products will include soils, amendments and herbs and various types of plants, trees and shrubs, including vegetation that will work in xeriscape environments.
       There also will be a trailer-housed food concession on site, called the Windy Apron Café.
       Access to the store is possible from either Colorado Avenue or from Pikes Peak Avenue. On-street parking is available on both streets.
       The building and greenhouse have been renovated, including the use of recycled boards, but the layout is similar to that of the previous business, Red Rock Garden & Greenhouse, which closed a year and a half ago.
       Westside historian Dave Hughes has previously traced the property back to 1926, when the Grandview Greenhouse was there. The Husser family bought the business in the late '40s and kept it going with an emphasis on flowers, according to Gibson. Red Rock had been on the site since 1977.
       Gibson and her husband Roy have bought the property at 3178; however, they were not able to buy or lease the parcel just to the east, which has a building and open space, formerly used by Red Rock.
       Gibson grew up on farms and ranches in Texas, she said. She and Roy have lived in the Springs since 1984.
       In addition to her landscaping business, she has been the manager of the Hillside Gardens nursery and a sales representative for wholesale growers providing plants to Home Depot and Lowe's.
       She decided to open her own nursery in large part to expand the services she was already providing. “It gives my customers a place to come to, and it gives a little bit more of a connection to what I'm doing,” said Gibson, who also plans to continue her landscaping work.
       In general, she wants to “make a difference in customer service,” she said. “It sets us apart from the 'big box' stores.”
       She expects to employ about 12 people.

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