EDITORíS DESK: Nothing fancy

       It's fun putting out a small paper, trying to do it the right way without having to answer to politically motivated publishers and editors.
       There's a lot of work, it's true, but if the end product represents a fair compilation of significant happenings on the Westside that week, then we at the Pioneer feel a sense of accomplishment. We're not trying to impress people with fancy writing or photos; fact is, we don't have grand enough opinions about ourselves to even think fancy is possible.
       I don't know what motivates other publications. Some are so twisted that an event becomes "news" only if the event-maker buys an ad. Then there's the Gazette, which suddenly woke up this week and discovered there's a debate going on about Westside Highway 24. Hello? If Westsiders had been waiting for the daily paper to keep them informed on this matter, it's questionable whether there would even BE a debate. People need to know the issues, after all, before they can get worked up about anything. As a side note, it was bemusing to see that the Gazette's accompanying picture - looking from the highway median toward the 21st Street intersection - is almost identical to the one we shot last November (and re-ran two weeks ago).
       But it's fine with us if the Gazette's people are now on board with this story, even if it took them a year and a half to decide it was newsworthy (the state's meetings began in November '04). Maybe with their resources, they'll dig into it consistently. But I doubt it. To them, the Westside is just another object in the telescope. A few miles of highway? Heck, that can wait another year or so. And in the meantime, there's plenty going on in Falcon.

- K.J.