‘Dumbfounded’ by St. Vrain barricade
       I have participated in neighborhood meetings in connection with the planned (but not yet implemented) 17th Street calming project, in which city staff have taken great care to include input from residents on 17th Street and beyond in the proposed configuration changes. I am therefore dumbfounded that the city apparently chose to block St. Vrain at 18th Street on the complaint of one homeowner. Other residents in the area were not consulted; therefore, I don't know the reasons behind the request. Evidently those objecting to the closure will now have to go to great efforts to have the road reopened, which is Kafka-esque at best.
       Besides finding the closure a nuisance and inconvenience in general, I am very concerned about the others living on St. Vrain. They include elderly, ill and disabled homeowners who are unlikely to be able to address City Council at meetings. Emergency vehicles are no longer able to reach these homes from both directions, and I find that frightening.
       One of the many reasons why I love living on the Westside - and brag about it - is because of my great neighbors, many of whom are elderly and have lived in these homes since the 1950s. We watch out for each other and take care of each other. The issue of the street closure is a reminder that good neighborhoods require dialog and working together to solve problems. Can't we reopen the road and seek an alternative solution to whatever problem may have existed, taking into consideration input from all those affected?

Karen Pierce

Editor's note: An update on the St. Vrain-18th Street controversy appears in this issue.