Midland students write play in keeping with IB goals; performance set April 13

       “The International Prince,” a play written and performed by Midland Elementary fourth-graders, is scheduled to be shown at the school, 2110 Broadway St., on Friday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m.
       Tickets (donations) are $5 at the door ($3 for children). Proceeds will be used to help next year's fifth-graders go to the Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center near Divide.
       According to their teacher, Gretchen Kirstel, the students “had to do a lot of research” in developing the story, which revolves around a prince's need to become “international” so as to win the hand of a princess.
       Along the way he learns about the “IB attitudes and profiles” - intended to create worldly well-balanced individuals - that guide the school's learning efforts, according to Kirstel. This involves encounters with a bevy of strange characters, including a mermaid, ogre, unicorn, witch, wizard, dragon, fairy godmother and assorted animals.
       “It's based on fairy tales and stories they've read,” the teacher explained.
       The writers/performers are Patrick Jones, Shane Beauseau, Ryan O'Connell, Tim Lynch, Nicholas Berger, Sarah Patterson, Molly O'Bryan, Rose Bonfoey, Miranda Osowicki, Tea Pino, Riley Wilson, Devon Klingman, Lily Grasso Aubrey Smith, Chloe Hannan, Jagr Stapish, Katie Miller, and Beth Lenharr.
       For more information, call 328-4500.

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